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The Hero`s Journey is an online course in which i am gonna teach you how to use your very own personality to your advantage to connect with every woman you desire in a respectful way. It is originally designed to do it in 6 weeks, but you can repeat the lessons as often as you want to and choose a slower or faster pace if that feels right for you.

In my opinion it is the most natural thing for a man to be attracted by beautiful women and of course the other way round as well. We all crave for connection and intimacy. But what happens to most of us, and it might be an issue for you as well, is the following: you see a girl that you are attracted to on the street and you immediately become nervous. And this nervousness increases and increases the more you watch her and it seems more and more impossible to talk to her. You ask yourself: What can I say? What if she doesn’t like me? And you don’t want to bother or harass her either - that`s for sure. So you withdraw from the pressure and just don’t do it which leaves you with the feeling of being powerless and sad.

And in the evening, when you sit alone in your room and you think about the day, it gets even worse. Because you regret. You regret that you didn’t take action. You regret that you might have missed the chance to meet this beautiful person, maybe your you missed the chance to meet your next girlfriend. And when you spend your days and weeks and months like this, these emotions increase. Frustration mixes with anger, maybe fear and in the worst case this might even end up in a severe depression.

But here are the good news. You can actually break this pattern. On "The Hero`s Journey" I am gonna teach you how to bring your nervousness level way down to be able to take the first step. To actually get in contact with girls. I am gonna teach you how to use your individual character to attract them. You don’t have to pretend to be somebody else or impress them with your job, money or status. Thats not necessary. I am gonna teach you how to be better with your self first in order to be better with women and my goal is to have you sitting in your room either with an amazing girl next to you or at least with the feeling of not having missed the chance to take action.

So if you want to get out of this downward spiral of fear and regret and learn how to connect with women in a mature and respectful way start your Journey right now because, no matter where you are currently at - this is something you definitely won’t regret.


1. I know how it is like to feel separated from women and powerless, unable to take action

2. I am absolutely passionate about what I do.

3. I am not focussing on superficial techniques but working on a deep level to make real change happen

4. I have been teaching people since 12 years in different fields and branches

5. It doesn’t matter if your issues refer to a lack of empathy and awareness or a lack of power and strength. I will teach you how to find balance to achieve the best results with women

6. I know a lot about women’s needs and desires since I meet and ask them in person over and over again.

7. I am not an avatar but a real person. You can always choose to book an additional Skype- or even In-Person-Coaching with me if you struggle along your way.

8. What you will learn in my courses and workshops are essential lifeskills that can be applied not only regarding meeting women but in all areas of your life.

9. We NEVER harm, bother or harass women in any form. We NEVER force our clients or the women we meet to do anything they don’t want. Our goal is to bring men and women together to create beautiful moments.

10. I am constantly improving my services according to my own experiences and knowledge. Apart from my business I invest the vast majority of my money, time and passion into my own development to be the best example for you to follow.

Intro - Welcome to your journey
Meditation Routine


  • 1 - Intro -Welcome to your journey
  • 1 - Intro - Welcome to your journey
  • 2 - Bonus 1 - Meditation Routine
  • 1 - Meditation Routine
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Ich habe so unglaublich viel gelernt! Danke.